Real Money Casinos for UK Players

UK Players can enjoy social microgambling casino games from their desktops or mobile devices. The latest statistics show that microcasino gaming is becoming increasingly popular on social network sites and as a result, more and more players in the UK are discovering real money casino games. Real money casino games offer a richer selection of gaming that affords you the chance to win real money. You can play any one of the video games such as slots and get a real payoff. Setting up an account and getting started is easy to do.

Playing the casino online

Have of the excitement players feel in gambling comes from the atmosphere of the casino. Online video games recreate that excitement perfectly. The latest advances in technology and the better broadband speeds available in the UK make real time game play a reality. Using a mobile app will let you play your money casino game whenever you want. You can choose from a micro casino site that is licensed in the UK, or at one of the larger sites located elsewhere in the world. The way these new casinos work, players can join in from all over the world and withdraw their winnings to their home accounts easily.

Choosing a microcasino app

The microcasino game apps are restricted to just one type of game, like slots. Each company puts out a branded microcasino that then links back into the larger server that is hosting the games. Players can pick which games they want to play from the microcasino interface they have installed on their Internet access device. There are a few things you want to look for before installing a microcasino program. You want to make sure that the players that have used it think highly of it. You want to read high marks for usability, reliability, customer service and pay-out time frames. Almost all of these apps and microcasino programs are free, as are the initial accounts. Many of them will also offer players bonus points when you open a new game account as an incentive. It can be a good idea to only play with the points until you have a feel for how the games work before you deposit money to play for real.

Registering and funding your new account

When you have settled on the casino site you want to use, install the program and register for your new account. Then next step is to fund your new account so you can try for real money. You will need to use a third party fund transfer or eWallet service like click2pay or MoneyBookers to get your cash into your digital casino game account. It is easy to do and you will also be able to set up a registered account with your eWallet service that you can link to a brick and mortar bank account. Having a linked account can make gambling much easier. The casino programs allow you to set parameters on your game account for a low balance mark that will initiate an automatic transfer from your eWallet to your account. You can also create a schedule of transfers so you never have to worry about your gaming account running short of funds.

Casino pay-outs

There are two ways that you accumulate winnings with real money casino games, through cash winnings and through bonus points – such as what you received for opening a new account. You cannot withdraw the bonus points as cash but they can be used to double potential winnings. When you are ready for a payout, make the request using the casino games system. Each micro casino will have its own process but they will all be similar. You choose the amount, the date of the transaction and where the money is to be transferred. Once the funds reach their transfer point, you can withdraw it as cash. You do not have to have a receiving account to withdraw but can use a service that allows you to validate your identity and pick up the transferred funds. It is important to pay attention to the transaction fees that may be charged at all points of the transfer so you do not get surprised by any charges. If you have an account linked to your eWallet, you can deposit the winnings from your games account right into your bank account. Make sure to also note the expected time it will take to complete the transfer as well so you can do any planning necessary.

What are your chances of winning?

Players have a much better chance of winning at online games played with real money than those who only go to brick and mortar casinos. The reason for this is that by playing online, players can play more often and increase their rate of occurrence statistic that is what determines how often you win. All games have an excellent pay-rate percentage return, but that return won’t happen to you unless you have a companion rate of occurrence that matches it. Players increase their chances at winning at these games when the players are gambling on a consistent basis. The secret to successful gambling is to always keep the big picture in mind. Success doesn’t come in an instant, but over time.

Keeping gambling a good thing

Consistency, reliability and accountability are not only how you pick the right games to play, but how you should handle your activities online. It is very easy to spend too much in the hopes of a great gain, but that is not how playing the games work. You need to play consistently and intelligently. If you are financially stressed or creating stress by using the micro sites, it is best to take a break until you can become much more disciplines. Not everyone will have a problem or develop one; in fact it is not that common. This is why the use of micro gambling sites is on the rise. They are safe, easy to use and fun. What could be better than to spend some time entertaining yourself in a way that also holds the chance for a pay off?

How safe is my account?

The safety of your online data, especially anything financial, is becoming a concern of everyone these days. With microgaming becoming such a big money maker, you would think it would be risky to have an account that has your money and information tied to it. The reality is that casinos would not make money if they could not protect the data and money of players. They have a better security system than most banks, online or off. With the rise of video gaming, they have invested in some of the most secure servers available. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything else to make sure that your accounts are safe. By following the basic rules of online common sense, you can keep your information private. Change your passwords frequently and don’t log on to the system using a public access point. With a minimal of common sense actions, you can enjoy your favorite game as safely as if you were playing at home.