Real Money Slots

Slots remain the most popular casino games type in brick and mortar casinos and with online players. Now, you can play real money slots offered by many of the biggest sites. The real money slot games offer play that is just like live time, with all the excitement and the potential for payoff. The companies don’t just pay out in real cash, they also reward members with bonus points and other reward perks to make playing casino slots online exciting. The games are presentation is so seamless and good that playing slots from your mobile device or desktop computer is just like being in front of the actual machines. The best way to pick the real money slot site you want to use is to find the one that most closely replicates the slots you would pick in the actual casino.

Playing real money slots online

No matter where you are in the world, you can access your real money slot account and play the slot machine, or any other casino game you like win big and earn bonus points. Casinos offer mobile apps and desktop programs that easily let you register your player account and get started. Even if the country you live in regulates or prohibits online gambling, you can still access and play at online casinos. The online sites host their servers in countries where online gambling is legal. Using a transfer system that allows players to fund their accounts, receive bonus rewards and withdraw cash from outside of their countries regulatory limitations, players can bet real cash and win at slot machines from anywhere in the world without any trouble. One of the added bonuses of this arrangement is you are never without the chance to play. Online casinos have slots machines that are open 24 hours a day wherever you are.

Choosing a casino slot game

Slot machines are the core games of all sites and it is no different when you play online. Players always have their favorite slots and one of the many advantages to playing online is your machine is never busy. Online casinos have no wait time, they are live action and the games you want to play always are available to you. You want to pick your slots casino based upon what you want to play. Look through the reviews from other players on line to see which have the best reputation, best bonus systems – but don’t just look at pay out and bonus rewards – look for customer service and technical support. The free programs you download and install are often updated and you want to make sure that the casino you choose has a good reputation for making sure your best slots games are always up and running. You also want to check out what the sites require for access to make sure that your mobile or desktop device can run the program.

Registering and funding your account

Download and install the free games software for the real money casino games you want to play like slots, and then click on the program to begin the process of registering for a free account. Follow the onscreen instructions to create your account, verify your account via the email link that will be provided and then it is time to fund your pay account. Most of the casino sites will give you bonus points so you can begin to play the slot immediately. This is the best way to begin as it will let you get used to how play works online before you risk your cash. The bonus points awarded to new players, and that you will receive during play cannot be withdrawn from your account as cash, but can be used to augment your bets. When you are ready to fund your account, go to the eWallet provider of your choice that the casino accepts, such as click2pay or MoneyBookers and transfer in your funds. You will have an option on the eWallet sites of doing this as a guest, so there is no account involved and no record of the transaction; or you can set up an account with them. There are advantages to having an eWallet account in place that can help you online when playing slots.

Keeping the fun going

Once you fund your game account and start playing real money casino slots, you won’t want to be interrupted by suddenly running out of funds even if you have bonus points. The programs have built in a function to their player profiles that will let you make sure that this never happens. You can set up recurring transfers from an eWallet account to make sure that funds are always transferred in on a certain day of the week or month so you never have to pause in your activity. One of the best things to do is to set up a minimum balance on your account. The minimum balance is the real cash point balance that will trigger an automatic transfer from your linked account to your games account. You must have a linked funding source account with your eWallet account to do this. You can also fund before you play, if that makes it easier for you to manage the amount of money you are committing to your online slots games playing.

Online casino pay-out percentages

Playing online gives you just as much a chance of winning, if not more, as playing in a brick and mortar casino. Playing online can increase your statistics for a payout because the slots machine types are always available to you. Often, waiting time at an actual casino can throw off your statistical average for instance and bring down your pay-out percentage. The average reported pay-out for the online casinos comes in at about 97 cents to every dollar played. This is an average taken from all instances of transactions on the network and over the lifespan of the programs to date. They do not report the percentage of occurrence of pay out as that type of report modeling is cost prohibitive, even for a corporation.

Staying safe online when betting real money

The dollar amount of real money gambled online is astronomical and would be very attractive to hackers and cyber thieves if it wasn’t for the intense security the corporations have set the system up with. Casinos are known for being more secure than banks and they have carried their practices for security online. Combined with the secure servers used by the eWallet providers, you have little to worry about when depositing into your account or withdrawing your winnings. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to use your common sense when playing online. Always make sure that any mobile device that has your account access on it is within reach, don’t lend your phone or tablet to anyone. You also want to avoid using public Wi-Fi as your means for access as it is too easy for cyber criminals to copy the keystrokes of your password and ID. Lastly, you want to make sure that you change your password and security questions on your account frequently. This helps to prevent anyone from figuring out your security codes based on familiarity with you or by seeing you type in the words.