Real Money Casino games with iPhone

If you own an iPhone phone, tablet or other device and want to begin playing games there are many casino sites that are offering mobile apps to play through the iTunes store that will allow you to access their games. With these apps, you can play your casino games app to play for real money. Better still, as an incentive for new members, many of the casinos offer bonus point amounts that are placed into your new account so you can begin to play poker, slots, blackjack, roulette or any other game offered. Don’t worry if where you live has restrictions against online gambling like using slots. By using an iPhone app you can play games with real money in a casino with slots games located in an area of the world where online gambling games are legal and by following their funding and withdrawing procedures, still access your winnings where you live.

Why Casino games are on iPhone

Developers and casino owners are starting to offer more choices in how people can play real money casino games poker, blackjack and slots game on the iPhone and other Apple devices, like the iPad because more and more people are using them for all of their online activity. Poker, slots, roulette and blackjack fans can now carry their hobby games with them wherever they go and gamble at will. The iPhone is ideal for online blackjack gambling because it has a priority of quality and security that is well suited to the similar emphasis that the casino places on the same. If you want to get into online gambling with real money using your iPhone mobile device, there are a few things you should know to help you get started right.

How to get started playing casino games

If you are looking to get started using your new iPhone app to gamble real money at online casino sites on slots and other game types you should first search for online casino sites in the iTunes store. Read the reviews that others have given the app and the casino games action for game types like slots, poker, roulette and blackjack. You want to make sure that the new iPhone app you choose offers the games you want, such as poker, slots, blackjack or roulette. You also want to make sure that it will work on the device that you have. Pay very close attention to the game type device compatibility as for iPad, the compatibility will not just be for the device model but the operating system on it. With the iPhone or iPad, this can create some confusion about game type so if you have any questions about the games follow the link from the new iPhone description to the developer’s site to find out more about whether your slots will work on your phone or iPad as a game. The last thing to check is what the site requires as a funding source. The funding sources are third party digital fund transfer providers that will allow you to deposit into your account and withdraw from the casino account back into the real world.

Create and fund your account

Select the mobile app from the iTunes mobile store that you want to install and download it, usually for free. The iPhone mobile app will automatically detect if there is enough space on your device for the iPhone mobile app and its operations. It may also ask for permissions to access certain data actions on your device. Once the new iPhone mobile app is installed, open it to connect with the site. Select ‘sign up’ to create a new player account and follow the onscreen instructions to continue. You may have to exit out of the iPhone mobile app in order to verify your account identity via a code sent by email or text but this may not be required if you have an online eWallet identity created. When you log in to your account to play for the first time you can typically start immediately with slots, poker or blackjack using the bonus reward points the site has deposited into your account. These bonus points are used as incentives to keep people actively using slots, poker or blackjack on the site and to encourage them with other bonus rewards to refer their friends to the site. The bonus points may not be withdrawn as cash. The next step in the process is to fund your account. Use an eWallet provider like the popular Neteller, click2pay or Moneybookers to make your deposit. It may take a few days for the funds to clear.

Setting up the account to with recurring funds

Mobile iPhone casino accounts allow you to gamble at will with your favorite slots games in the brief amount of time you may have free during the day. The one thing you don’t have time for is to be interrupted by an insufficient real money notice from the site that suspends your game activity. What many of the account systems allow you to do so this does not happen is to set a minimum balance for your account. Should your account hit that minimum real money amount or go below, the account will then trigger an automatic money transfer from your linked money funding account. The minimum account you set does not include any accounting for bonus rewards from your games. Many sites will also allow you to set up a recurring monthly or weekly money transaction which can be one of the best ways to insure that you never are caught short when you have time to play your games.

What is the pay-rate percentage with an online casino?

If you are going to download a game to play and install a new iPhone or iPad app to play your favorite casino games with real money, you want to know that you have a real chance at winning. The casino will publish for free the statistics of their player wins and losses as part of a transparency system to assure users and regulators that the gaming systems are not fixed when it comes to real money gambling. The average pay-rate percentage for an online casino is calculated from the lifetime transaction statistics of the entire site of all game play, not an individual account. Generally, the online report states that they payout slightly over 97 cents for every dollar of real money gambled. It is important to remember that the statistical pay-rate percentage is not the same as the statistical rate of occurrence for winning. In order to increase your chances of winning, use your new mobile iPhone access to increase the amount of time you play. The more you play, the more you increase the statistical rate of occurrence that you will win at the pay-rate percentage amount reported.

How safe is your account?

One of the reasons that so many mobile developers complain about how difficult it is to get mobile apps approved for the iPhone is that Apple has placed a high priority on security for the mobile system. When this is combined with the casino investments in secure servers and their use of secure eWallet funding services, there is little that can go wrong with your mobile linked account. While there is always a risk of something happening, there is much that you can do to mitigate it. Simply by following common sense practices to protect your account information such as being careful to change your password frequently and to make sure you only access your casino from a real secure mobile point will help keep you and your real money safe online.

Keep online gambling from becoming a problem

You don’t want your fun to change into a habit that ruins your life. This can happen in ways that don’t even involve the depths of addiction but can sneak up on you easily. For starters, make sure you have a mobile account with enough data coverage that you won’t run up a large data bill each month. Then, make sure to budget how much you are allowed to gamble online. If you begin to overspend, suspend your accounts until you regain control of your finances.