Real Money Casino games with Android

If you own an Android phone, tablet or other device and want to begin playing casino games, you have a lot of different options to choose from. The open source, Linux based programming environment has encouraged many casino games to be developed that allow for mobile play with real money. Even if you live in a country where online gambling is not permitted, by using an Android app you can play games with real money in a casino located where online gambling is legal and still access your winnings.

Why Casinos games are on Android

A lot of the gambling sites are offering their poker, blackjack and slots games on Android devices because it is fast becoming one of the most popular mobile platforms worldwide. The open source backend allows for developers to create and distribute casino game apps for poker enthusiasts and others for the Android environment at a much lower cost than other mobile device providers. Also, many of the eWallet fund transfer service providers have Android access apps for their account holders so you have an easy to use the platform that allows you to play at a casino from anywhere in the world and manage the real money in your accounts to do so. With so many players online and using Android to access the slots and blackjack games offered by the casinos, Android is becoming more and more the mobile device of choice for those who want to play real money casino games with their Android.

How to get started

If you are looking to get started using real money at the online casino with poker games, blackjack or slots on your device you should first head to search for online casinos with Android apps. Then read the player reviews. You are not just looking for the quality of the casino games offered, but also the reliability of the apps. One downside to the open nature of the application market is that quality control can be an issue. You want to make sure that players using the app to access the sites are happy with the stability and reliability of the app itself. Once you have the casino games you like, located the app and download it to your device. This is almost always a free process although some companies may charge a fee to upgrade to an ad free version of the app. Also, check to see if the version you are getting includes all of the casino offerings or if you can pick just the ones you are interested in like slots, blackjack or poker.

Create and fund your account

Once your casino app is installed, click on it to open the app and connect to the casino. You will then be asked to create a free player account. Enter in your information to create the account. Many casinos will immediately place a reward amount in your account as a reward for being a new member. Bonus reward points are how the sites encourage people to play. The more you are active and the more you refer other players to the casino activities like slots or blackjack; the more bonus rewards you will receive. While you can use the bonus rewards to play online from your mobile device you cannot withdraw the bonus points as real cash. You can withdraw your winnings gained with the casino app with bonus points as real cash. The next step in the process is to fund your account. Use an eWallet provider like the popular Neteller, click2pay or Moneybookers to make your deposit. It may take a few days for the funds to clear, but you should be able to begin using your account immediately from your mobile device using the bonus points you received for signing up.

Setting up the account to avoid interruption

You can set up your mobile Android casino games account so that you are not going to get interrupted while playing your slots games. Often, the casinos offer a “limits” setting which you use so that as soon as your account balances goes beneath a certain amount it triggers a request for funds to your eWallet provider. To do this, you must have an established account with a provider that is linked to a brick and mortar bank source or credit card. Please read the terms and conditions for the eWallet provider carefully so you understand the time frame for transactions involved so you do not get caught short and stopped from enjoying your mobile slots.

How to win with the Android casino apps

Of course, what every player wants to know is how can the mobile apps be used to increase your chances of winning at gambling. The answer is that using the Android app will increase your chances greatly. One of the things you should check out when picking from the casinos is the percentage rate of pay-off. This is the rate at which people actually win when they gamble with the site. For many casinos, the rate is at a 95.57% standard of win. This means that for every dollar of real money played, 95.57 cents are won. This is an average percentage that is calculated from the total number of transactions per all members on the site. While it may take hundreds of plays to then win that percentage back, using a mobile app increases your flexibility in when you get a chance to play. People win real money with online gambling. The thing to keep in mind is the old saying that is very true that “you can’t win if you don’t play.”

Android and Security

The media makes much about any security breach or risk, especially with the newer Android mobile platform but the truth is that the amount of cybercrimes and hacks has gone down, at least in regards to accounts on secure servers. Androids security protocol combined with the secure servers of the casinos and eWallet providers radically lessens the chance of anything happening to your money that you don’t want to happen. Following good security practices is essential in order for your money and data to remain secure. Always know where your mobile device is, they are popular items to be stolen if left unattended. Never log in using a public Wi-Fi site. If you must use a public site, download some additional security protection for your device so no one can detect your account access password and name. Another thing that many people forget is that we are only as secure as the privacy we keep, don’t share your phone, tablet or account information. Keep it written down somewhere safe, but not as an electronic file that could be detected. If you follow these simple rules, you can enjoy your gambling hobby online from wherever you are without worry. Both the gambling corporations and the developers release regular updates to fix any known security problems so make sure that you stay up to date with what is the most current operating system version and upgrade patches available. When in doubt, turn your device off and then back on again and it will automatically check for the updates and install them for you.