Real Money Casino Games

If you are looking to play real money casino games, there are many different options for you to choose from.  Many people have favorite casinos that they prefer for the games they offer and the payout bonuses that each can allow. The bonus system of real casino gaming is similar to what you would find in a real time casino as a perks and rewards program. These are reward points that are used to allow you to keep going or purchase merchandise that are not redeemable as cash. Some online sites will let you redeem a portion of your points for cash when you meet certain requirements.

What do you need to play online games?

To get started with real money gaming you will need an electronic device that has Internet access. Then, check the requirements for the specific site you want to download and play slots, poker, blackjack or roulette on for what other specific hardware requirements you need such as available storage space or video graphics. You will also need an account with an accepted online money transfer provider to use to fund your player account and receive payouts. One important thing to note, make sure you have a mobile data plan that won’t make using these games expensive for you. Many are as well designed as the real slots machines and simulate live time play so the graphics can take up much bandwidth.

What games can you play?

You can play all of your favorite poker casino games on line and game for real cash at a variety of game sites.  You can download the mobile app or desktop front end for free to get started enjoying slots, poker, or blackjack. Many sites also offer other popular games as well. One of the things that players enjoy about each game is that you still can play with live players in a game. This makes gaming as exciting and fun as the ones in live time.

How safe is the play?

With all the news about hackers and cyber criminals, just how safe is it to play blackjack or slots casino games with money online? Very safe. These casinos have some of the most secure servers and download transactions processes in existence. Combined with the security of the approved funding transfer services used to fund and withdraw from your account, there is little risk that anything could happen to your money. One of the most important things to do to preserve your account safety when playing slots, poker, blackjack and roulette via the Internet is to follow the standard safety precautions. Don’t log on, download or play from a public mobile Wi-Fi site. Make sure that no one can see you enter your password and account name when you log on to play a slots, poker, and blackjack or roulette game. If you are using a mobile Internet device, make sure not to let others use the device and always know where it is.

What is the return on these games?

Slots, poker, and roulette are some of the most popular online and mobile download games to play. This imitates the choice of players in real life for what games they gravitate to in a brick and mortar casino. Just like at a real time casino, knowing the real money pay off percentage for slots, poker, blackjack or roulette is important. While every site will have a slightly different pay off average, it is dependent on the number of players and amount of transaction within the site. For the most part, all download versions of slots, poker, and blackjack games have a pay-off percentage of 95.7%. This means that for every dollar you play, you will win back 95.7 cents. This does not mean that every time you play you will win 95.7% but that over the course of the lifetime of play, which is calculated from a total average of all members, you have a 95.7% rate of earning back 95.7% of every dollar played. To reach this pay off percentage requires that hundreds of thousands of transaction occur on the entire site, not just from your account.

How to pick a casino

Pick the casino that offers the best games to download that you would be interested in such as blackjack, roulette, poker or slots. Then you want to look at the bonus offers that the site has. These points are awarded to players for many different reasons on these sites and the points can translate into real money amounts.  You can receive a bonus for just signing up or the first deposit to fund your account. Whether you choose to use poker, blackjack, and slots or roulette the points can be applied along with cash amounts. The one caveat is that these points cannot be transferred out as real money. This is to prevent people from signing up for free accounts just to get points to transfer as money engaging in any slots activity or other activity. Each casino will have a reward system that will convert the points to money into your account after certain markers have been met.

How to get started with real money casino games

When you have found the casino you want your games on, follow their instructions to download the app or desktop front end to the Internet enabled device you will be using to access the casino. Then, create an account with the casino and fund the account. When you create your account you will be asked to list a payment source account and receiving account. These accounts can be from brick and mortar banks, PayPal, eWallet, iPay or any of the other accepted online payment servers. You can favorite certain games on casinos and download shortcuts right to that casino game to make your online experience faster.

Making the deposit

Many casinos allow you to begin a game with real money by giving you a bonus for signing up. This is not something you can withdraw until you have deposited a certain amount of cash into your account. To deposit, link the registered transfer account to your casino player game account. Follow the instructions to initiate a deposit transfer to fund the account. It may take several days for the initial deposit transfer to go through depending on the payment source account policies. Almost all casinos allow for deposits and withdrawals in any currency you prefer. When you make your opening deposit you can also set a minimum deposit amount for your account. This will trigger an automatic request for funds from your registered money source so your online casino game won’t be interrupted because you do not have funds in your player account. You can adjust this amount whenever you want and even set email and text notifications should your account balance become low.

Getting the payout

When you want to withdraw money from the casino player account all you have to do is follow the casino procedure for initiating a transaction to the payment receiver account. Each casino works with a set of online fund transfer companies such as PayPal, iPay, ING, Serve and eWallet. The processing time is generally 2 days from the date of the transaction request to the transfer download to your account. Transfer fees may apply from the casino and from the download receiving account. You can set the currency that you wish to be paid in as well.